This is the new facility of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Volgodonsk, Russia.† The purpose of our trip was to teach in the Volgodonsk Bible Institute (VBI) which was in the basement of the church.† Our home church, Tulsa Bible Church, sent a team of two teachers every two weeks for a period of nine months.† Each team taught different subjects such as theology or Bible study methods.† Our team consisted of Gary Thomas, myself, and my son Bryan.† Our topic was Church History.† Bryan didnít teach but he was a student.† He had to read all the same material as the students and take the same tests.† After 40 one hour sessions all the students passed their final exams.

A typical day started with a ride to the church.† On Sunday morning we rode the bus and walked the rest of the way.† Lunches were provided in a small apartment across the street from the church which served as a dormitory for some of the students.