California Trip† -† November 15-26, 2012

Just went out to spend time with the family.† First holiday since we lost Patti.† Didnít do much the first three days.† Some work projects around the folks house.

November 18, 2012

Went hiking with Carol and Dan.† Two different places on the south side of the Santa Monica Mountains.† The first place was closer to the coast and when we got to the top we had some excellent views of the ocean.† We could see from Santa Monica, where I was born, to Pacific Palisades, and even, if you look carefully, Santa Catalina Island.† The second place we went was a little farther inland.† It had been a Nazi camp in the 1930ís until World War II.† In the 60ís it was an artist commune.† Itís been in disrepair for years, but some of the original buildings are still theirÖ at least their foundations.† And the longest staircase I think Iíve ever walked on.† Good thing we only took the stairs to go down.

First Hike


Second Hike