Black Mesa and Wichita Mountains Trip -† April 5-7, 2013

Iíve wanted to go to Black Mesa, OK and climb to the top for years.† I decided I would go by myself and sleep in the car but then I decided to see if Geri would like to come along.† She did and we had a great time.† She suggested that we go to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge the next day.† In all we drove 1,245 miles in two and a half days.† But it was a blast.

Friday, April 5

We left Claremore after I got off work at noon.† Drove out and stopped first at the Gloss (Glass) Mountains east of Enid.† You can read here why they have two names.† Mesas really with a quartz like mineral at the top that kind of crunches under your feet.† Over 500 feet to the top (stairs provided!) and the view is great.† You can literally see for miles.† Next we stopped in Guymon for dinner.† After dinner, about 30-40 miles west of Guymon, I kept looking for windmills to photograph with the sunset.† I realized recently that in eastern Oklahoma you donít see very many windmills.† We saw lots of them out here but most were either falling apart or were too far from the road to get photos of them.† Then I found the one below and it was a hit!† Spent the night in Boise City.

Gloss Mountains

Somewhere west of Guymon